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High Torque BT30 Tool Changer

The PushCorp STC0605-BT30 High Torque Servo Toolholder is an ideal solution for your heavy duty applications.  The STC0605-BT30 has a powerful 5 hp (3.8 kW) Servo Motor and integral Toolholding to give you the muscle, speed control, and holding torque to perform many operations.

The STC0605-BT30 Motor Shaft is configured to accept standard BT30 tapered toolholders.  Your standard CNC tooling along with custom tooling make it possible to utilize a wide range of abrasive disks, wheels, drill bits and cutting tools.  The Gripper mechanism maintains the tool position while, at the same time, providing a fast-acting release for rapid tool changes.

The STC0605 is designed to mount directly on the PushCorp AFD1000/70 Series Compliant Force Devices.  The STC0605 may also be mounted directly to the robot with no compliant device, providing a low cost machining center with a large work volume.



  • 5.0 horsepower (3.8 kW) servo motor (Liquid Cooling Required)
  • 6,000 maximum RPM (Reversible)
  • Uses standard BT30 Toolholders
  • Sealed bearings for long service life
  • PushCorp proprietary high-speed shaft seal
  • Available with resolver for accurate speed control
  • Fail-safe pneumatic Toolholder release
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC

Tool Specifications
Power: 5.0 hp (3.8 kW)*
Continuous Stall Torque:5.6 lb.-ft. (7.6 N·m)*
Speed Range:60-6,000 RPM
Speed Regulation:±5% (Reversible)
Tool Weight:30 lb. (13.6 kg) Dry
* Liquid Cooled
Collet Specifications
Required Toolholder:BT30
Clamping Supply Air: Dry, Non-lubricated
90 psi (6.2 bar) Minimum
100 psi (6.9 bar) Maximum
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Mounting Configurations