High-speed Pneumatic Sander

The PushCorp RPS100 is an ideal solution for light duty robotic sanding. The sander features a replaceable 1/4 Hp [179 W] pneumatic motor. The sander is a perfect entry level product to assist you in automating your sanding applications.

This equipment is designed to mount parallel or perpendicular on the AFD310 and AFD72 force compliance devices. As a result, it has never been easier to program beautiful and consistent surface finishes.

The RPS100 is available with the following orbits: 3/8", 3/16", or 3/32". The 3/8" orbit will allow for the most aggressive sanding while the 3/32" orbit is better suited for applications where a fine finish is required. Additionally, either a 3", 3½", 5", or 6" backing pad may be used. Reference the Drop In Motors chart below to select the unit that best fits.

The RPS100 has the option to be used with or without a dust collection system. The dust shield and adapter come standard with each RPS100. This can be used with dust collection tubing purchased separately from 3M.

Drop In Motors

Orbit Diameter 3″ Disk 5″ Disk 6″ Disk
3/8″ N/A ASM03247 ASM03257
3/16″ ASM02907 ASM02904 ASM02910
3/32″ ASM02908 ASM03258 ASM02911


Power 0.24 hp [179 W]
Speed Range 60-10,500 RPM
Tool Weight 4.0 Lb [1.81 kg]
Supply Air 90 psi [6.2 bar] Maximum
Airflow Rate 17 SCFM [481 LPM]
Recommended Airline Size Min 3/8 in [10 mm]
Recommended Hose Length Max 25 feet [8 meters]
Technical Specification Packages
RPS100-3IN Download Technical Files
RPS100-5IN Download Technical Files
RPS100-6IN Download Technical Files
RPS100-3IN-AFD72-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-3IN-AFD72-2-Dual Download Technical Files
RPS100-3IN-AFD310-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-3IN-AFD310-2-Dual Download Technical Files
RPS100-5IN-AFD72-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-5IN-AFD72-2-Dual Download Technical Files
RPS100-5IN-AFD310-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-5IN-AFD310-2-Dual Download Technical Files
RPS100-6IN-AFD72-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-6IN-AFD72-2-Dual Download Technical Files
RPS100-6IN-AFD310-2-Single Download Technical Files
RPS100-6IN-AFD310-2-Dual Download Technical Files
Dust Collection Adapter (Used for Dust Collection) Download Technical Files
Dust Collection Hose (Not Sold by PushCorp) Download Technical Files

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