Robotic Servo Spindle Motors

Servo Spindle Motors Overview

PushCorp's robotic servo motor spindles are powerful, rugged and efficient. Their servo technology enables constant speed, making them a great candidate for material-removal applications. All of PushCorp's servo motors utilize liquid-cooled, permanent magnet, brushless, closed-loop technology. This gives our spindles the highest power-to-weight ratio and power efficiency in the industry. With proper cooling, our motors are designed to run with up to a 100% duty cycle - turn them on, leave them on. They can handle high-power, continuous operation for years with zero maintenance - no problem! Our robotic spindles allow for continuously variable speed and constant, maximum torque over the entire speed range. Finally, all PushCorp robotic servo motors are designed to be easily mounted to our Compliant Tools (EOAT) in a variety of orientations to provide a complete end-of-arm process solution.

Industry Standard BT Toolholder

Air pressure actuated, industry standard, BT-style toolholders are our most popular tool-changing option. Our spindles accept either the BT30 or the larger BT40 toolholder, depending on the motor size. BT-style toolholders are readily available from a variety of tooling suppliers in various lengths and configurations. They provide exceptional holding torque and tool retention, and they can accommodate a wide range of tool diameters. This exceptional performance and flexibility make them the go-to choice for most any application.

Industry Standard BT Toolholder



Manual Collet

Manual Collet

Our Manual Collet option uses a standard ER-style collet and nut. This simple, low-cost solution is ideal for grinding, brush finishing or other applications where media changes are required but not frequent enough to justify full, robotic, quick-change technology. ER collets are readily available from many suppliers in a variety of size options to accommodate most any tool.

BT Toolholder Tool Change

Manual Tool Change

Servo Motor Amplifiers

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