Robot and Spindle Brackets

Robot and Spindle Brackets

Robot and Spindle Brackets

PushCorp has designed a series of brackets to make integrating our equipment easier than ever.  All of our Force Compliance Devices have a 90mm circular bolt pattern on the horizontal mounting plate. This 90mm bolt pattern can be mounted to any of the robot adapter plates in the "3D & 2D Downloads" section. If there is not a bracket for your robot in this list we will make one!

We also have several different mounting plates and brackets to mount our spindles to the force compliance device. Whether you are mounting in the parallel or perpendicular configuration, these brackets make that easy. Unsure of what bracket you need or need something custom? Click over to the Contact Us page and get in touch with one of our application engineers today!

Technical Specification Packages
ASM03195-1 - M8X100MM AFD ADAPT KIT Download Technical Files
ASM03045-1 - M10 X100MM AFD ADAPT KIT Download Technical Files
ASM02805-1 - M10 X 125MM AFD ADAPT KIT Download Technical Files
ASM02826-1 - M10 X 125MM DP ADAPT KIT Download Technical Files
ASM02828-1 - M10 X 160MM AFD70 ADPT KIT Download Technical Files
ASM02875-1 - ROBOT ADAPTER KIT M12 X 160MM STC1510 Download Technical Files
ASM02750-1 - ADAPTER PLATE KIT 2002 TO 1000/70 Download Technical Files
ASM02001-1 - ADAPTER PLATE KIT 0605/1503 TO 1100/80 Download Technical Files
ASM02962-1 - 1515/1015 ADAPTER PLATE KIT Download Technical Files
ASM02770-1 - ADAPTER PLATE KIT AFD OFFSET Download Technical Files
ASM01114-1 - PARALLEL MOUNTING KIT 0605/1503 Download Technical Files
ASM02672-1 - PARALLEL MOUNTING KIT 0612 Download Technical Files
ASM02657-1 - PARALLEL MOUNTING KIT 1510 Download Technical Files
ASM02960-1 - PARALLEL MOUNTING KIT 1515 Download Technical Files
ASM02279-1 - PARALLEL MOUNTING KIT SWS100 Download Technical Files

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