• AFD620 is part of PushCorp's Active Compliance series for complex or curved geometry
  • AFD620
  • AFD620-1
  • AFD620-2


The AFD620 is part of PushCorp's Active Compliance series. This end effector can apply up to 115 lbf [511 N] in any orientation, automatically. Consequently, this tooling is essential for automating robotic, material-removal applications where parts have complex or curved geometries.

The SM0612, STC1015, and STC1515 are servo spindles optimized to mount to the AFD620. Together, they can automate a wide variety of robotic processes:

If the application will have impact loading, interrupted cuts, or require a heavier spindle, our AFD1240 is the largest in the series. It features an even more robust set of linear bearings and can apply 215 lbf [956 N].

The AFD620 Series is available in two configurations: AFD620-1 Vertical and the AFD620-2 Horizontal. The units are functionally identical but differ in the orientation in which they attach to the robot. The AFD620-1 applies force perpendicular to the robot's face plate, whereas the AFD620-2 is parallel. These configurations allow you to optimize a robot’s reach and dexterity for your particular application.

The FCUFLEX controller is used to set the applied force and monitor I/O. This equipment can be controlled using a PLC, robot controller, or PC.



  • Quick setup
  • Consistent force regardless of orientation
  • Automatic acceleration compensation
  • Automatic payload weight measurement
  • Force can be varied based on slide position
  • 115 lbf [511 N] maximum compliant force
  • 1.6 in [40 mm] Linear compliant stroke
  • Fast mechanical response
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC


Model AFD620
Max Force 115 lbf [511 N]
Force Resolution ±0.4 lb. [±2.0 N]
Max Payload Weight 115 lbs [52.2 kg]
Weight AFD620-1 – 39 lbs [17.7 Kg]
AFD620-2 – 27 lbs [12.2 Kg]
Compliant Stroke 1.6 in [40 mm]
Supply Air Dry, 5µm Filtered, Non-lubricated, 80-90 psi [5.5-6.2 Bar]
Technical Specification Packages
AFD620-1 AFD620-1 Download Technical Files
AFD620-2 AFD620-2 Download Technical Files
AFD Installation
AFD Removal

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