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Routing and cutting are two dirty and dangerous applications. Both require very sharp cutting tools that can be harmful if they come in contact with a human operator. As a result, manufacturers are quickly moving to automated routing processes. Not only does this create a safer work environment, but it also results in a higher quality part.

Robotic routing and cutting applications typically require removing material to a known height or location. Consequently, the process equipment is rigidly mounted on the end of the robot. In this setup, the spindle is exposed to higher loading compared to grinding or sanding with compliance. Therefore, PushCorp has created a range of spindles for more strenuous applications. The STC1515, STC1015, and STC0612 feature heavy-duty bearings. These help the spindles withstand impact loading and radial forces, ensuring beautiful finishes time and time again.

Robotic Routing Fiberglass Boat Console

As an illustration, this video shows how effortless robotic routing can be. In fact, a robot paired with a PushCorp heavy-duty servo spindle is just what you need to automate your routing or cutting application.

This video showcases our STC1515. Its powerful and rugged design allow it to cut through the fiberglass with ease.

There are two key elements to this process. First, the STC1515 rotates the abrasive at a constant speed. Then, it is important to have a robot that is rigid enough to make a straight cut with minimal vibration. These two factors are imperative to creating beautifully finished parts.

Additionally, high quality cutters should be used. Inferior cutting tools cut well at the beginning, but will dull quickly and reduce the material-removal rate. Consequently, this can lead to high radial forces being transmitted to the tool.

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Our application engineers have years of experience and can help recommend the right process equipment for your automation project. If you are new to integration or this is your first material-removal application, we are here to help. For more robotic routing and cutting videos, make sure to check out our content below.


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