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PushCorp Headquarters

3001 W Kingsley Rd.
Garland, TX 75041

1.972.840.0208 EXT: 1
E-mail: sales@pushcorp.com

Tech Support: 1.972.840.0208 EXT: 2
E-mail: techsupport@pushcorp.com

Fax: 1.972.840.1046

Wixom Sales Office

29445 Beck Rd.
Suit A-108
Wixom, MI 48393

1.972.840.0208 EXT: 425

Billing Address

P.O. Box 181915
Dallas, TX 75218


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        For more information regarding PushCorp Equipment, please contact our representatives world wide.


        Romheld Australia

        Melbourne, Australia
        Contact: Robert Gropp

        Tel: 03.9874.5377
        Fax: 03.9874.5633
        Robert’s Email: robert@romheld.com.au
        Sale’s E-mail: sales@romheld.com.au

        Web: www.romheld.com.au


        OptiDrive nv

        Leuven (Wilsele), Belgium

        Contact: Raf Dequeker
        Tel: 016 / 300 710
        E-mail: Raf.Dequeker@optidrive.be

        Web: www.optidrive.be


        Roboprog Business Affair

        Mairipora, Brazil

        Contact: Tales Artur Busin
        Tel: 55.11.44853290
        E-mail: tbusin@roboprog.com.br
        Web: www.roboprog.com.br



        Wanchai, Hong Kong, China
        Contact: Frederick Kolak
        Tel: 1-614-476-5720
        E-mail: frederick.kolak@coeus-tech.com


        Westec (Shanghai) Industrial technology Co. Ltd.

        Shanghai, China
        Contact: Kerry Mei
        Tel: 0086-21-37709286
        E-mail: info@westec-corp.com
        Web: www.westec-corp.com



        DongGuan, China
        Contact: Sam Su
        Tel: +86 769 82282519
        E-mail: csrobot168@gmail.com
        Web: www.csamrobot.com

        Czech Republic


        Nymburk, Czech Republic
        Contact: Jan Hradek
        Tel: 420 325 515 105
        E-mail: jan.hradek@sp-tech.cz
        Web: www.brousenirobotem.cz


        TIA, Ltd.

        Derby, England
        Contact: Steve Tatem
        Tel: 44.0.1332.204850
        E-mail: info@tatem.co.uk
        Web: www.tatem.co.uk



        Bangalore, India
        Contact #1: Mathew Jacob
        Tel: +91- 9741481117
        E-mail: Mathew@swit.in

        Contact #2: Vipin Varghese
        Tel: +91-9620209720

        Japan 日本

        Aichi Sangyo Co., Ltd.


        Tokyo, Japan
        Contact: Kiyoshi Hirota or Vivian Wang
        Tel: +81-3-6800-1122
        Web: aichi-sangyo.co.jp


        TDS Technology Group

        Contact: Anthony Ong
        Tel: 65 6366 1661
        E-mail: anthony@tdstech.com

        South Korea

        Intech Automation Inc.

        Seoul, Korea
        Contact: Heejoo Son
        Tel: +82 10 2277 1001
        Fax: +82 2-3439-0080
        E-mail: heejoo.son@intechautomation.co.kr


        Robotec, s.r.o.

        Sucany, Slovakia
        Contact: Lukas Vallo
        Tel: +421 903 280 234
        Email: robotec@robotec.sk
        Web: www.robotec.sk


        BR Machinery Asia Co., Ltd.

        Bangkok, Thailand
        Contact: Thanyarat Sirithanakonphat
        Tel: +66(0)93 554 4560
        E-mail: admin.br@br-machinery.com
        Web: www.brmachineryasia.com



        Bursa, Turkey
        Contact: Umut Akan
        Tel: +905333959292
        E-mail: umutakan@pointech.com.tr


        New Century Int’l

        Hanoi, Vietnam

        Contact: Mr. Le Thanh Viet
        Tel: 0903406417
        E-mail: viet@ncintl.com

        Engineer Contact: Mr. Vu Duy Tu
        Tel: 0975257092
        E-mail: tuvd@ncintl.com

        Web: www.tantheky.com


        The companies listed below have successfully integrated PushCorp equipment into automated production systems

        ABB Robotics

        Auburn Hills, Michigan

        Contact: Erwin DiMalanta
        Tel: 248.391.8841
        Email: erwin.c.dimalanta@us.abb.com

        Web: www.abb.com/robotics


        Council Bluffs, Iowa

        Pewaukee, Wisconsin
        Contact: Ron Osowski
        Tel: 844.220.8128

        Web: www.acieta.com

        Acme Manufacturing Co.

        Auburn Hills, Michigan

        Tel: 248.393.7300
        Email: acme@acmemfg.com
        Web: www.acmemfg.com

        AMTEC Corporation

        Huntsville, AL

        Contact: Chris McCulley
        Tel: 256.319.6275
        Fax: 256.319.6270
        Email: info@amtec-corp.com
        Web: www.amtec-corp.com

        BWM Industrial Automation

        Barrie, Ontario

        Contact: Keith Hutcheson
        Tel: 705.734.1926
        Fax: 705.734.2388
        Email: k.hutcheson@bwmia.com
        Web: www.barriewelding.com

        Control Automation LLC

        Waukesha, Wisconsin

        Contact: Dan Jensen
        Tel: 262.210.7774
        Email: dan.jensen@ca-wi.com


        Monterrey, México

        Contact: Rodrigo Martìnez
        Tel: 52+8442471399
        Cell: 52+8180332109
        Email: ventas@ercmexico.com
        Web: www.ercmexico.com

        Fanuc Robotics

        Rochester Hills, Michigan

        Contact: Virgil Wilson
        Tel: 248.276.4240
        Email: virgil.wilson@fanucrobotics.com
        Web: www.fanucrobotics.com

        Flexmill Oy

        Nurmijärvi, Finland

        Tel: +358.10.411.9530
        Email: sales@flexmill.fi
        Web: www.flexmill.fi

        Genesis Systems Group

        Davenport, Iowa

        Contact: Carol Woten
        Tel: 563.445.5706
        Fax: 563.445.5699
        Email: cwoten@genesis-systems.com
        Web: www.genesis-systems.com

        Inovision Inc.

        Rochester Hills, Michigan

        Contact: Dave Beattie
        Email: dbeattie@inovision.com
        Web: www.inovision.com

        J.H. Benedict

        E. Peoria, Illinois

        Contact: Bob Everts
        Tel: 309.694.3111
        Email: everts_bob@jhbenedict.com
        Web: www.jhbenedict.com

        Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.

        Wixom, Michigan

        Contact: John Weber
        Tel: 248-446-4226
        Email: john.weber@kri-us.com
        Web: www.kawasakirobotics.com

        Kent Automation

        Kent, Ohio

        Contact: Denny Lyell
        Tel: 330.678.6343
        Fax: 330.678.4770
        Web: www.kentautomation.com

        KUKA Robotics

        Sterling Heights, Michigan

        Contact: Mike Beaupre
        Tel: 810.533.1125
        Toll Free: 800.USE.KUKA
        Web: www.KUKARobotics.com

        Midwest Robotics Ltd.

        Dublin, Ohio

        Contact: Natalia Jouikova
        Tel: 614.336.8283
        Fax: 614.408.8205
        Web: www.midwestroboticsltd.com

        Motoman, Inc.

        West Carrolton, Ohio

        Tel: 937.847.6200
        Web: www.motoman.com

        Navus Automation, Inc.

        Knoxville, Tennessee

        Contact: Buck Barber
        Tel: 865.692.8443
        Fax: 865.692.8440
        Email: Bbarber@navusauto.com
        Web: www.navusauto.com/

        Trima Otomasyon Sistemleri Ve Muhendislik Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti

        Istanbul, Turkey

        Contact: Murat Gunay
        Tel: +90 (0) 216 499 91 41
        Fax: +90 (0) 216 499 91 53
        E-mail: m.gunay@trima.com.tr
        Web: www.trima.com.tr/

        Weldon Solutions

        York, Pennsylvania

        Contact: Charles Gales
        Tel: 717.846.4000
        Fax: 717.846.3624
        Email: cgales@weldonsolutions.com
        Web: www.weldonsolutions.com

        Willamette Valley Co.

        Eugene, Oregon

        Contact: Asa DeForest
        Tel: 541.484.2368
        Email: 13ASAD@wilvaco.com
        Web: www.pre-tec.com

        Wolf Robotics

        Ft. Collins, Colorado

        Contact: Chris Norris
        Tel: 970.225.7775
        Email: chris.norris@wolfrobotics.com
        Web: www.wolfrobotics.com


        The companies and individuals listed below have application experience PushCorp equipment operating in automated production systems

        Finishing Process Consultant

        Contact: Richard J. Hewitt

        PL Marketing Group, LLC
        Portage, Michigan
        Tel: 269.370.9935


        Complete Solution Robotics LLC

        Loveland, Colorado

        Contact: Michael Olson
        Tel: 970.515.2753
        Email: mike@completesolutionrobotics.com

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