Robotic, Weld-Removal Equipment

Technology Overview

PushCorp's robotic, weld-removal technology is the most efficient way possible to completely remove welds in a single pass. These heavy-duty cutting tools are able to remove typical steel welds (up to 3 inches in width) quickly and efficiently at rates up to 3 inch3/minute. Aluminum and other non-ferrous welds can be removed three times faster than that! Weld shavers work by having a motor-driven machine tool slot cutter mounted between two stand-off guide wheels. The robotic, weld-removal equipment mounts directly to one of our force compliant tools. The compliant tool pushes the weld shaver against the part surface with a controlled amount of force so that the guide wheels straddle the weld. The guide wheels can be manually or remotely adjusted to set the cutter height to machine the weld away — above, below or flush to the parent material surface. PushCorp is a leading manufacturer of End-of-Arm Tools for material-removal applications.

Robotic Weld Shavers

The SWS100-3.7 and SWS100-7.2 robotic weld shavers attach directly to our compliant, end-of-arm tools. The robot moves the weld shaver along the weld bead with the guide wheels straddling the weld while the compliant tool maintains a controlled force against the part surface to maintain contact. The robot’s programmability and large work envelope allow both straight and curved welds to be reliably removed on flat or contoured parts.


SWS100-3.7 With Remote Adjust


Track Weld Shavers

SWS100-3.7 With Remote Adjust

Track Weld Shavers

Originally developed for the shipbuilding industry, the PushCorp Track Weld Shaving system is a non-robotic system designed to remove long, linear welds quickly and easily. This system incorporates a SWS100-3.7 or SWS100-7.2, attached to a servo-driven carriage.

The carriage has built-in compliance and moves along the weld at a controlled speed on patent pending, high-capacity, sectioned track. This track is magnetically attached to the steel surface and is specially designed to handle the weight and cutting reaction forces in any orientation — even upside down! It manages all this, yet still remains flexible enough to conform to contoured surfaces with bend radii as little as 4 feet.

All this, combined  with an intuitive control console, allows this technology to remove hundreds of feet of weld, cost-effectively and with little chance of worker injury.

Track Weld Shaving

Robotic Weld Shaving

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