Control Cabinets

Control Cabinets

  • SMFBCON Control Cabinet

Ethernet IP

UL Certified Control Cabinet

The PushCorp S724 Control Cabinets provide a highly integrated, easy-to-use solution to controlling PushCorp servo motor and compliance equipment. Installation is simply a matter of mounting the cabinet, connecting 3-phase 480VAC electrical power, connecting the safety inputs/outputs, and a single Ethernet connection back to a robot or PLC. The S724 Control Console allows the equipment to be controlled via an Ethernet IP fieldbus connection.  As an added value to our customers, all panels come with third party UL certification.

The PushCorp S724 control cabinets come pre-configured with all of the equipment typically needed for operation.  This includes:

  • Fuses
  • Breakers
  • Braking resistor
  • Bus coupler
  • Network switch
  • Rotary disconnect
  • Servo amplifier
  • FCUFLEX (For active compliance systems).

To simplify setup and control of this equipment, a comprehensive BIT map is included in the manual for each panel.

The integrated bus coupler allows the devices within the panel to become an extension of the robot or PLC, allowing for full control as well as full monitoring of the finishing equipment.  The panel is connectorized which allows for connection of additional sensors, valves or other 24V devices through provided M12 receptacles on the bottom of the enclosure.  Connection to the safety interface is completed through a hard wire connection via a 1-1/8″, 9 pin receptacle on the bottom of the enclosure.

Different versions of the panel are available that offer full control of a spindle, spindle with AFD, or a finish/back stand.  With the full compliment of panels, operating PushCorp equipment has never been easier.

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