High Torque Robotic Servo Spindle

The PushCorp SM0612 high Torque servo spindle is an ideal solution for robotic material removal applications such as:

  • Robotic Grinding
  • Robotic Sanding
  • Robotic Polishing
  • Robotic Deburring

The SM0612 features a powerful 12.0 hp [9.0 kW] servo motor that provides constant speed. This equipment is designed to mount parallel or perpendicular on the AFD620, AFD82, AFD1240, and AFD92 force compliance devices. As a result, it has never been easier to program beautiful and consistent surface finishes.

The SM0612 may also be mounted directly to the robot with no force compliance device. This opens the door for rigid applications such as routing and deflashing.

The SM0612 has been developed as a lower priced alternative to the STC0612-BT40. The SM0612 uses the same 6,000 rpm high speed motor from the STC0612, but without the automatic collet release. Instead, a manual "ER" Series collet is used to clamp the tool shaft. This means that operator intervention is required when the media needs to be replaced. For applications where the abrasive media or the tools have a long life the manual collet is the ideal solution.

The Kollmorgen S724 amplifier powers the servo spindle, provides analog speed control, and digital I/O. This can be ordered on it’s own or integrated into a UL certified control panel.


  • 12.0 horsepower [9 kW] servo motor (Liquid Cooling Required)
  • 6000 maximum RPM
  • ± 5% speed regulation
  • Fully adjustable and reversible speed
  • Manual “ER” Series collet
  • Collets available from 1/8 – 1 inch [2 – 30mm]
  • Sealed bearings for long service life
  • PushCorp proprietary high-speed shaft seal
  • Mounts directly to PushCorp Active and Passive compliant tools
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC


Model SM0612
Power 12.0 hp [9 kW]
Continuous Stall Torque 10.7 lb.-ft. [14.5 N·m]
Speed Range 60-6,000 RPM
Speed Regulation ±5% (Reversible)
Cooling Liquid
Tool Weight 52 lb. [24 kg] Dry
Required Toolholder Standard ER-40 Collet
Technical Specification Packages
SM0612 Download Technical Files
AFD92-2 Perpendicular Download Technical Files
AFD92-2 Parallel Download Technical Files
AFD92-2 Parallel #2 Download Technical Files
AFD92-1 Perpendicular Download Technical Files
AFD92-1 Parallel Download Technical Files
AFD92-1 Parallel #2 Download Technical Files
Model Power Continuous Stall Torque Speed Range Speed Regulation Cooling Tool Weight Required Toolholder
SM1503 3.0 hp [2.2 kW] 2.57 lb.-ft. [3.5 N·m] 60-15,000 RPM ±5% (Reversible) Liquid 15.9 lb. [7.2 kg] Dry Standard ER-20 Collet
SM0605 5.0 hp [3.8 kW] 5.6 lb.-ft. [7.6 N·m] 60-6,000 RPM ±5% (Reversible) Liquid 15.9 lb. [7.2 kg] Dry Standard ER-20 Collet
SM0612 12.0 hp [9 kW] 10.7 lb.-ft. [14.5 N·m] 60-6,000 RPM ±5% (Reversible) Liquid 52 lb. [24 kg] Dry Standard ER-40 Collet

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