RI-90 Automation Rotary Interface


  • RI90 mid swivel
  • RI-90 enables a robot, along with a PushCorp compliant device and servo spindle to apply BOTH radial and axial forces in a single, easy setup
  • RI90 EOAT shown in parallel configuration for Robotic Automation Applications
  • RI90 indicator lights

RI-90 Series

Rotary Interface

The RI-90 Rotary Interface is PushCorp’s latest, ALL NEW product. The RI-90 enables a robot, along with a PushCorp compliant device and servo spindle, to apply BOTH radial and axial forces in a single, easy setup. When mounted to any PushCorp Compliance Device, a robot utilizes the RI-90 Rotary Interface to change the orientation of a Servo Spindle relative to the applied force at any time during processing. Its clever design uses a simple and quick robot motion to rotate the spindle 90 degrees. This eliminates the need for costly and complex hardware to change out the end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) or for a separate, robotic system entirely.

Instead, this compact, lightweight, and robust product simplifies the system completely. Externally mounted LEDs allow the user to visually verify the unit’s locked status from a distance. Industrial standard digital outputs provide this locking, as well as the positional status to the robot or PLC controller, to ensure fail-safe operation. The RI-90’s unique design brings an unprecedented level of flexibility, and its purpose-built design ensures maximum uptime for your material-removal process.


  • Radial and Axial Force in a Single Setup
  • Lightweight, Compact Design
  • Integrated Visual Status LEDs
  • Digital Outputs for Status Conditions
  • Fail-safe Pneumatically Actuated Locking Mechanishm
  • Direct Mount to PushCorp Active and Passive Compliant Tools
  • All Fittings, Fasteners, and Threaded Holes METRIC


Model RI-90 - Patent Pending
Range of Motion 90 Degrees
Power 24V +/- 10% 1 Amp Max
Tool Weight 4.4 lbs (2 kg)
Technical Specification Packages
ri90-axial.69 RI-90-Axial Download Technical Files
ri90-radial.68 RI-90-Radial Download Technical Files
afd310-2-ri90-stc1503-0605-bt30-axial.71 AFD310-2-STC1503/0605-BT30-AXIAL Download Technical Files
afd310-2-ri90-stc1503-0605-bt30-radial.70 AFD310-2-STC1503/0605-BT30-RADIAL Download Technical Files
afd310-2-ri90-stc1503-0605-bt30-axial.71 AFD72-2-STC1503/0605-BT30-AXIAL Download Technical Files
afd310-2-ri90-stc1503-0605-bt30-radial.70 AFD72-2-STC1503/0605-BT30-RADIAL Download Technical Files
RI-90 pivot fork RI-90-PIVOT FORK-1503/1605 Download Technical Files

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