BT30 & BT40 Toolholders

BT30 & BT40 Toolholders

Tool Holders

PushCorp's spindles and force compliance devices enable manual material removal processes to be automated with ease. Depending on the spindle, the shafts are configured to accept standard BT30 or BT40 tapered toolholders. Customers can choose to use standard off the shelf CNC tooling as well as our custom toolholders.

Both our BT30 and BT40 custom toolholders can be ordered with a 5/8-11 thread, which is common among pneumatic and electric hand tools. Consequently, there are a wide range of abrasive manufacturers that feature this thread and can be mounted directly to our toolholders.

Additionally, we manufacture them out of a single piece of stainless steel. Unlike off the shelf CNC tooling, our toolholders have the retention knob built in making it a more complete solution than any other BT available on the market.

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