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Passive Compliance Force Device

The PushCorp AFD72 Series force device is a simple, low-cost compliant unit for many applications. Using a low friction cylinder and linear rail technology this device delivers up to 50 lb. (222 N) of force. The unit is equipped standard with an internal position sensor to monitor the location of the carriage. Fitted with a manual or electrically controlled pneumatic regulator, the AFD72 Series can make quick work of many force based applications.

The AFD72 Series is available in three configurations: AFD72-1 Vertical, AFD72-2 Horizontal, and the AFD72-3 Table Top. The units are functionally identical, but differ in the orientation with which they attach to the robot wrist, or mount to a table. This allows you to optimize robot reach and dexterity for your particular application.

The AFD72 Series can be equiped as either an AFD71 single acting with only positive force application, or an AFD72 double acting with positive and negative force capability.

Here are just a few operations the AFD72 Series, matched with the proper process equipment, can accomplish faster, more accurately, and with greater control than ever before:

  • Grinding (molds, weld beads)
  • Deburring (parting lines, chamfer)
  • Polishing (glass, wood, sheet metal)
  • Drilling/Chamfering (thru-hole, to-depth)
  • Weld Shaving
  • Any other process which requires an accurate, compliant, continuously adjustable applied force.
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  • Single or Double acting force application
  • Carriage Position Senson included
  • Integral cartridge air filter
  • Low cost
  • User supplied pressure regulator
  • 50 lb [222 N] maximum compliant force
  • 0.8 in [20 mm] Linear compliant stroke
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC
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Max Applied Force: 50 lbs [222 N]
Force Resolution:±0.7 lb./psi [±45.2 N/bar]
Max Payload Weight:40.0 lbs [18.2 kg]
(excluding payload)
AFD72-1 - 17 lbs [7.7 Kg]
AFD72-2 - 12 lbs [5.5 Kg]
AFD72-3 - 12 lbs [5.5 Kg]
Compliant Stroke:0.8 in [20 mm]
Supply Air:Dry, 5µm Filtered, Non-lubricated, 80 psi [5.5 Bar] max
Specifications subject to change without notice.
U.S. Patent No. 5,448,146

Mounting Configurations

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The PushCorp, Passive AFD72 Series Compliant Force Device was designed as an inexpensive alternative to the active AFD1000 Series. In some applications the AFD72 can provide comparible performance to the AFD1000 at a lower cost. The simplicity of the AFD72 Series does, however, require more integration effort from the end user. Since the AFD72 Series does not employ a seperate controller, the unit must rely on innovative features. The AFD72 Series uses glass cylinders with graphite pistons, and linear ball bearings to greatly reduce operating friction. This allows the unit to be reliably used at lower force levels. It has the same physical dimensions as the AFD1000 Series, and the same bolt patterns. This means that all of the AFD1000 mounting options are available and that most of the PushCorp process equipment will bolt right up.

The AFD72 Series requires the user to supply regulated pressure to control the force output. An AFD71 requires one regulator and the AFD72 needs two. The force output resoulution is highly dependant on the regulator accuracy. The regulator can be manual or electrically

controlled based on the application. If a constant force is required and the orientation does not change, a manual regulator is sufficient. If the force and/or orientation changes during the process, then an electrically controlled regulator is necessary to provide gravity compensation. This means that the process equipment weight must be compensated for, which requires calculation and adjustment of the regulator pressure at all times during the process.

The AFD72 Series has a linear potentiomenter installed inside the unit to monitor the carriage position. A connector on the outside of the unit is connected to a high-flex cable. The cable must be connected to a power supply and an analog input device. The position of the carriage can be monitored continuously during the AFD's operation.

If the end-user has the skills to setup the gravity compensation and linear potentiometer, the AFD72 Series may be the ideal solution. On the other hand, if easier setup and higher performance is desired, the active AFD1000 Series would be a better choice.