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Tooling Accessories

Random Orbital/Dual Action Sanding

PushCorp has designed a series of tool shafts to aid the customer when performing random orbital/dual action sanding operations.  These are designed with counter weights and eccentrics based on the desired sanding disk diameter, and orbit diameter.  There are two sets of tool shafts.  One for the standard collapsing collet STC1503/0605, the other for the STC1503/0605 BT30.  Each incorporate a tapered collar for use with a tapered tool cradle.  All are tapped to accept a 5/16-24 Male threaded disks.  Disks are available from 3M to support a wide variety of media. The following charts show the appropiate PushCorp Assembly number for a desired Sanding Disk Diameter & Orbit Diameter.

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STC1503-BT30 on AFD1000-2 DA Sanding

STC1503/0605 BT30 Toolholder

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*Sanding disk not included*

Sanding Disk Diameter

Orbit Diameter 3"-3½" Disk 5" Disk 6" Disk
3/8" ASM02761 ASM02767 ASM02809
3/16" ASM02762 ASM02765 ASM02768
3/32" ASM02763 ASM02766 ASM02769