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SBS91 Series

Servo Belt Stand

The PushCorp SBS91 Servo Belt Stand combines compliant force control with a high-torque servo motor. This precise force and speed control allows you to achieve unprecedented levels of quality and consistency.

The SBS91 Servo Belt Stand is designed to enable maximum flexibility for any part-in-hand (i.e. grinding, sanding, buffing or polishing) application.  Linear travel compliance and excellent access allow a robot to easily manipulate parts over the  belt media.

The contact wheels of the SBS91 Servo Belt Stand are belt driven by a high-torque servo motor.  This drive system has a 1.5:1 reduction that provides plenty of power at the contact wheels.   The belt media is tracked remotely keeping personnel out of the workcell during operation.  Easily removable contact wheels allow widths of 1", 2", 3", and 4", plus a wide range of different rubber hardness.  Changing the belt media is a snap with pneumatic tension and conveniently positioned manual valves.

Here are just a few operations the SBS91 Servo Belt Stand, matched with the proper process equipment, can accomplish faster, more accurately, and with greater control than ever before:

  • Grinding (casting gates, weld beads)
  • Deburring (parting lines, chamfer)
  • Polishing (glass, wood, metal)
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SBS91 With Controller


  • Passive Force Control
  • Servo motor amplifier included
  • Accurate belt media speed control
  • 1.4 in [36 mm] linear compliant stroke
  • Standard 1", 2", 3", or 4" x 132" belt media
  • Standard 14" x 1", 2", 3", or 4" wide contact wheels
  • PushCorp recommends Contact Rubber C134 quick change tires
  • Contact wheel position output
  • Remote belt media tracking
  • Belt break sensors
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC
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Max Applied Force: 250 lbs [1112 N]
Force Resolution:2.6 lbs/psi [166 N/Bar]
Compliant Stroke:1.4 in [36 mm]
600 lbs [272.2 kg]
Supply Air:Dry, 5µm Filtered, Non-lubricated, 80 psi [5.5 Bar] max
Horsepower:16.5 hp [12.3 kW]
Continuous Stall Torque:62 lb· ft [84 N·m]
Contact Wheels:20" Diameter (not supplied, Contact Rubber C134 recommended)
Shaft Speed:0-1400 RPM
Belt Speed Range:100-7330 SFPM [Surface Feet Per Minute] Based on a 20 in [508 mm] contact wheel
Specifications subject to change without notice.
U.S. Patent No. 5,448,146