Achieving a Superior Brushed Metal Finish on Brass Door Handles: Techniques and Tools


Importance of Brushed Metal FinishFinishing is one of the most critical steps in the manufacturing process, as it directly influences the perception and quality of the end product. Whether it’s removing welds, blending materials, or polishing surfaces, achieving the desired finish is paramount. This article delves into the technical aspects of obtaining a brushed metal finish, specifically on brass door handles, using advanced automation and the right abrasive tools.

Importance of Brushed Metal Finish

A brushed metal finish is highly sought after in various industries due to its aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. Commonly found on furniture, appliances, door lock hardware, and decorative pieces, a brushed finish effectively hides fingerprints and minor surface imperfections. This makes it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and products that require a sleek, polished look.

Key Steps to Achieve a Brushed Finish on Brass

To achieve a high-quality brushed finish on brass door handles, selecting the correct abrasive sequence is crucial. Partnering with right abrasive manufacturer, can significantly enhance the process. Here’s a detailed look at the steps involved:

1. Initial Surface Preparation

The first step involves removing deep imperfections and casting marks. For this, a Norton R945 120 grit belt on a 30 durometer contact wheel was used. This abrasive was chosen because:

  • Flexibility: The J weight, ceramic grain belt can wrap around radius edges while effectively working on flat areas.
  • Aggressiveness: The 120 grit provides the necessary aggressiveness to remove deep marks efficiently.

Brass Door Handle Held by Robot Be Polished

2. Creating the Brushed Finish

Once the surface is prepared, the next step is to create the brushed metal finish. This is achieved using a Norton BearTex Heavy Duty Flap Wheel. The process involves two wheels for the different parts of the handle:

  • Inner Features: A one-inch wide wheel is used to reach the inner features of the handle.
  • Flat Areas: A two-inch wide wheel quickly covers larger, flat areas.

The aluminum oxide (AO) grain non-woven flap wheels offer compliance and measurable Material Removal Rate (MRR), ensuring consistent linear satin finishes required by many industries.

Advanced Tools for Superior Finishing

Using advanced tools like PushCorp’s SBS82 servo belt stand significantly enhances the finishing process. Here’s why the SBS82 is ideal for this application:
SBS82 Servo Belt Stand Features:

  • Servo Motor: With 5.7 horsepower and variable speed control, it provides consistent power and adaptability.
  • Compliance Device: Offers 40mm of stroke with a maximum force of 115 pounds, ensuring a uniform finish.
  • Remote Belt Tracking and Sensors: Features like remote belt tracking and belt break sensors help ensure the abrasive belt stays where it needs to.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Belt changeouts are simplified with a pneumatic cylinder that retracts the crown tracking wheel, making the process quick and efficient.

Optimizing the Finishing Process

To maintain consistency and efficiency, it’s essential to monitor the wear of abrasive wheels. The SBS82 has 40mm of linear stroke to help account for variation in the part as well as compensating for the wheel’s wear. Additionally, the unit features an internal linear potentiometer to determine the linear position. This data can be used to index the robot TCP so the unit is contacting the part and the slide is in the middle position. As the TCP is adjusted, the rotational speed of the wheel can be increased to keep a constant surface feet per minute, ensuring a consistent finish.

Wrapping it Up

Achieving a high-quality brushed metal finish on brass door handles requires a combination of the right abrasive tools and advanced automation equipment. By following a meticulous process and leveraging the capabilities of tools like the PushCorp SBS82 servo belt stand, manufacturers can ensure a superior finish that meets industry standards.