Industrial Innovation

With ACME Manufacturing

20 Years of Partnership

ACME Manufacturing is a world class robotic systems integrator. They specialize in high quality surface finishing systems that implement vision, measuring & gauging equipment, as well as software integration. Acme has been in business since 1910 with a focus on developing cost-effective systems and solutions to meet complex finishing needs. As a result, they have been one of our strategic partners and have used our robotic end-of-arm tooling for the last 20 years.

Given their expertise in the automation industry, they have started their own podcast, Industrial Innovations. On this show, they invite experts from both within and outside the industry to provide their views. They discuss the growth of automation, major market opportunities around the globe, future applications, and challenges confronting the industry. If you are new to the automation industry or interested in robotic material removal, we highly recommend checking out their podcast and giving it a follow.

Robotic End Of Arm Tooling For Material Removal

In their most recent episode Pushcorp's business development manager, Max Falcone, joined Tom Marx and Charlie Young discuss robotic end-of-arm tooling. In this episode you will learn about how PushCorp started and why our technology is so critical for robotic surface finishing processes.

Today, many manufacturers are still manually finishing parts. Because of this, automation can seem like a daunting task. To help alleviate these concerns, PushCorp has invested in two robotic labs specifically for material removal applications. As Max describes in the podcast, we can do anything from grinding welds to polishing artificial joints. The first lab, which features a KUKA KR120, is a joint partnership with 3M. They have stocked the room with their full arsenal of surface finishing products. We work closely with their application engineers to determine the best 3M abrasive to use for the customer's process. Our second lab is also stocked with premium abrasives from Norton Saint Gobain. This lab features a Kawasaki ZX300, which allows us to perform heavy duty applications. On our YouTube Channel, you can see over 30 different application videos from these demos.